About the foundation

Since 2008, the Heineken Collection Foundation looks after the rich and diverse historical heritage of Heineken N.V. The objective is the preservation, supervision, acquisition, presentation of the different collections of photographs, film, documentation, archives, advertising, brewing and beer culture. This collection tells the history of the Heineken organization and its incorporated breweries worldwide.

In the 1970s, Alfred Heineken initiated the idea of bringing this collection together. This website offers you the opportunity to view the richness of the collection and the presentation of alternating themes.

Heineken Collection Foundation
COC no. : 34308527

Members of the board:
Drs. M.H. Rijkens (voorzitter)
Mw. G. Coebergh (secretaris)
Drs. E. Fleurbaay
Dhr. M.G. van Oene (penningmeester)