Animation film has always been a favorite mode of advertising beer. One of the oldest films in our collection is an animation film made by George Debels for Amstel Beer in 1928. In the 50’s, Amstel and Heineken commissioned Technicolor films from the world-famous Dutch puppet animation studio “Joop Geesink’s Dollywood”. In 1968, when advertising for alcoholic beverage was authorized on Dutch television, the first Heineken commercials were a series of black and white animation films from the same studio. And today, now that the borders between animation and special effects have blurred, we are seeing some astonishing examples of advertising creativity.

The Heineken Collection Foundation has a large historical film collection. It contains more than 900 titles, and is constantly growing with new acquisitions. Our oldest film dates from 1928 and the most recent one was produced this year. We have films and videos from all over the world. We collect beer commercials, educational films about how to make beer and how to serve beer and documentaries about our breweries and our products. We also have a complete series of the company newsreel which was narrow-casted in the breweries in the Netherlands in the late 80’s and early 90’s. We collect amateur footage shot by the brewery workers or their families about their social activities and their life as an employee or an expat.

The collection is not accessible to the public at present. We will show selected films on this web-site.