Chairman's statement

In 2019 the Heineken Collection Foundation (HCF) – Stichting Heineken Collection – has become ever more active in fulfilling its mission to preserve and present the heritage of Heineken.

Since the opening of the new Heritage Quarter and depot in November 2018 by Mrs. Charlene de Carvalho and Mr. Jean-François van Boxmeer, much has been done to

Reorganize the layout and efficiency of the depot
Document and digitalize each specific item of the collection
Present the collection to interested parties

In doing all this, it is an objective of the HCF to find the right balance between conservation and presentation of the collection.

Again, we are thankful to the Executive Board of Heineken N.V. for their mental and financial support and to the managing director of the Heineken Experience – Mrs. Lieke Westendorp – for her close involvement and guidance. We especially would like to thank our collection manager – Mrs. Demelza van der Maas – and her team for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Through our continued efforts and the rich and diverse heritage of Heineken N.V., we provide insights into the history of the Heineken organization and its incorporated breweries worldwide. It will help to demonstrate the relation between the Heineken family, the Heineken brand and the Heineken company and it will inform and inspire a worldwide audience.

Heineken Collection Foundation


Maarten H. Rijkens


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