• Heineken agent Lewis Stagnetto delivers Heineken beer
    on board the Dutch naval vessel “De Zeven Provincien”
    in Gibraltar, 1960s

  • Promoting Tiger beer in Singapore, late 1930s

  • A glimpse of the coopery in the Heineken brewery
    in Rotterdam, 1930s

  • Aerial view of the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam, 1981

  • The new built Heineken brewery in Caracas, Venezuela, 1953

  • Heineken agent Moët & Chandon delivers Heineken
    beer to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, 1963


Heineken Collection Foundation

Since 2008, the Heineken Collection Foundation looks after the rich and diverse historical heritage of Heineken N.V. The objective is the preservation, supervision, acquisition, presentation of the different collections of photographs, film, documentation, archives, advertising, brewing and beer culture.