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13 November 2019    13 November 2019    

This is a ‘must see’ hotspot for corporate history in the Netherlands!

Ronald van der Heijden


Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions

During the appraisal of the collection in the summer of 2019, an original print of ‘Winter Vreugde op den Amstel’ by Tileman van den Horst (ca. 1730) was found in the Head Office in Amsterdam. Quite the surprise, because we were only aware of the existence of several copies until that moment.

A wonderful coloured drawing with a view of Maastricht by Han Jelinger, ca. 1950 was added to the collection. The drawing came from the former billiard room in the Heineken Brewery at Zoeterwoude.

The latest commercials from Brand, the Heineken UEFA Champions League and Formula 1 were added to our audio-visual collection, as well as the Heineken Festive 2019 campaign. The HCF also acquired all episodes of the historical video-series ‘Behind the Star’ from 2019, featuring collection manager Demelza van der Maas.

There were several special donations this year. From the family of Ton Albers, a designer at the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam from 1956 until 1968, the Heineken Collection received a folder with beautiful designs for a calendar.

Designs for a calendar by Ton Albers.

A bronze plaque with a portrait of Ir. Julius Theodoor Berkemeier, managing director of the Heineken Brewery at Rotterdam from 1914 to 1941, was found in a dumpster in Rotterdam. Subsequently, it was donated to the Heineken Collection. It was probably part of the Heineken office at the Crooswijkse Singel in Rotterdam, which was used until 1999.


A second portrait came from the inheritance of J.C.C. van Rijsinge, hotel and catering consultant at Heineken Rotterdam, who passed away in 1995. Piet Cottaar made this portrait of ‘Mr Smile’. The HCF already holds several works of Cottaar in its collection. The HCF was gifted a painting of a crushed Heineken can by Karel Mauer from 1979. It was a very special gift from Heineken Collection colleague Ron Kolle. Ron Kolle retired in June. Pallet factory Phoenix donated two Heineken printing plates from the 1960s. They were used for the printing of wooden pallets. Paper restorer Francien van Daalen restored the portrait of Mr Van Rijsinge by Piet Cottaar

Portrait of ‘Mr Smile’ by Piet Cottaar



Hand painted Heineken billboard from the 1960s

The HCF purchased a large, hand painted Heineken billboard from the 1960s. The billboard was used in a local grocery store in the east of Amsterdam. Today it has a prominent position in the offices of the Heritage Quarter.

Delft blue ashtray with the text ‘Greetings from Leo van Munching‘

A second purchase was a Delft blue ashtray with the text ‘Greetings from Leo van Munching’. Van Munching was the exclusive sales- and distribution agent for Heineken in the USA from 1945 to 1995.

Miniature Heineken beer wagon of the 1960s

The HCF also purchased a miniature Heineken beer wagon of the 1960s and two Heineken beer glasses.

Conservation & storage

Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage


Active conservation and preservation

Silver restorer Michiel Langeveld cleaned the so-called ‘Kaiserbecher’ (1912). This ceremonial tankard was part of the Frankfurt Council’s silver and mr A.H. (Freddy) Heineken bought it in 1987.

To prevent the oxidation of the silver collection, we have decided to seal all the silver in the Heineken collection in plastic. The sealing device was tested in 2019, and we will continue this project in 2020.



The film ‘De Alkmaarsche kaasdragers bezoeken de bierbrouwerij “De gekroonde Valk” te Amsterdam’ from 1928 has been preserved on film. A Desmet color print was made from a 1991 negative as well as a new digital scan of the new print.



In 2019 the Heineken Collection team finalized writing the Collection Plan, which gives direction to the collection management for the coming years. This document is important for the professionalization of the way the HCF manages the Heineken collection.

Next to our collection profile and selection criteria for the acquisition of new collection items, it includes cleaning and safety procedures and guidelines for registration and documentation. We will update this document once every year.

08 September 2019  08 September 2019  

Great to see how Heineken’s history is being cherished and wonderful to have contributed to the collection!

A. Doderer en T. Rozijn, 09-09-2019



In 2019, after the move of the Brand collection to Maastricht, the HCF has been working on restructuring the external depot where the collection is stored.

This includes unpacking objects, putting categories of objects together, changing the locations in the catalogue system TMS and deaccessioning objects after consulting our collection plan.

Because of this work, the collection has become more accessible. Part of the Brand collection can be seen in the brewery museum called “ ‘t Brandgeveul” and in the newly opened Proeflokaal next to the Brand brewery in Wylre.



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