The HCF has no staff and the board works free of charge. The collection manager is seconded by Heineken NV as well as the coordinator and digital asset curator.

The HCF also hires freelance experts for collection registration, conservation, restoration and research. In 2019, the team consisted of:

Collection manager Demelza van der Maas
Coördinator José van Rijk
Digital asset curator Olaf Slijkhuis
Registrar objects, depot & loans coordination Marieke van Vlierden
Registrar audio-visual collections Frédérique Urlings
Registrar digital assets Ron Kolle (retired per 1 July 2019)
Registrar Sophie Boven (started per 18 October 2019)
Registrar Brand collection Marijke de Bruyne
Volunteer Francis Tjaarda (started 1 September 2019)



Chairman Maarten Rijkens
Treasurer Michael van Oene (stepped down 11/09/2019)
Secretary Gervaise Coebergh (stepped down 11/09/2019)
Member Ellen Fleurbaay (interim secretary per 11/09/2019)



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