Chairman's statement

2020 has been a most challenging year. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on society, but also, of course, on the Heineken Collection Foundation.

Our new depot and Heritage Quarter, which was opened in November 2018 in the Heineken Experience, houses more than 120.000 objects, illustrating the rich history of the Heineken family, the Heineken company and it's brands. We are continuously active in documenting and digitizing the collection, reorganizing the new collection depot and presenting our collection to interested parties. As the pandemic struck, the Heineken Experience was, unfortunately, closed and as a result the office of the foundation and our depot were out-of-bounds for our staff during most of the year. 

It is, therefore, most rewarding that we were able to continue our work on our book ‘It could only be Heineken’, for which we have made a selection of 100 Stars from our collection. Together they tell the story of our company and they are the face of the Heineken Collection. The 224-page book was launched on 30 September 2020 by presentation of the first copy to Mrs. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and is now widely available in English and Dutch.

The board of the Heineken Collection Foundation would like to thank Mrs. de Carvalho for her continuous encouragement, the Executive Board of Heineken N.V. for its mental and financial support and Mrs. Lieke Westendorp – managing director of the Heineken Experience – for her very close daily involvement and guidance.

In this difficult year our mission again depended entirely on the motivation of our staff. The board would like to thank the collection manager – Mrs. Demelza van der Maas – and her team, for the professionalism and enthusiasm of their activities and for their dedication.

The Heineken Collection Foundation will continue to inform and inspire a worldwide audience by preserving, collecting and sharing compelling and authentic objects connected to Heineken. 

Heineken Collection Foundation


Maarten H. Rijkens


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