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Strategic goals

Strategic goals  Strategic goals  Strategic goals  Strategic goals  Strategic goals

In line with the Strategic Plan 2017-2021, four strategic goals defined our work in 2020:

  • Project based

    Project based inventory and documentation of objects and stories

  • Visibility

    Increasing visibility of the collection and stimulating audience engagement.

  • Quality

    Improving quality and coherence of the collection

  • Sustainable

    Realization of sustainable accommodation.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures  Facts & figures  Facts & figures  Facts & figures  Facts & figures
  • Objects purchased

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  • Records in TMS

  • Objects restored

  • Architectural drawings (partly registered)

  • Records added to TMS

  • Objects donated

  • Loan requests

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  • New unique film titles added in TMS

  • Objects on loan

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  • New objects (files, tapes, films) added



Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions  Acquisitions

Acquisitions through the Heineken company 

For brevity’s sake reference can be made to the paragraph on the COVID-19 crisis under ‘extraordinary year’.

The Global Production Packaging department of Heineken Supply Chain donated a collection of historical beer crates.   

Denise Splinter, Assistant Store Manager Heineken Experience, donated a number of posters. 

Other private donations were a set of posters, a bottle opener, some Heineken apparel, an Amstel tile and a historical photograph made on the island of Marken.  

The HCF acquired a series of 50 photographs by photographer Eveline Renaud. She documented the interior and personnel of the Amsterdam Brewery in 1987. The 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were underrepresented in the photo collection, so the series are a valuable addition. 

Photographs made by Eveline Renaud.

The HCF also purchased three ceramic Dublin pub models from its maker, Goedewaagen in Nieuw Buinen. These ceramic models were used in a Heineken promotion campaign and were meant to decorate the beer tower in the bars. 

Conservation & storage

Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage  Conservation & storage

Reorganisation depot 

By implementing a barcode system, repacking the collection and reorganizing our depot in Amsterdam, the HCF team will significantly improve its workflow and efficiency. The team spent a lot of time and effort in preparing the reorganization of the depot in 2019, so we could start moving objects in 2020. Unfortunately, COVID-restrictions made it nearly impossible for us to work on this project, which means the majority of the reorganisation was postponed to 2021. 

A brief overview of the activities in 2020:

  • • Installed  barcoding software and a barcode label printer .

• All film material placed back in the cooling cell as well as all photographic material (excluding photographic prints) plus vulnerable plastics placed.

  • • The Heineken archive was given a new location in the depot.

  • • All A-boxes have been put together in the depot and barcoded.

  • • All objects in the visible cabinets and art pieces on and in the art racks have been barcoded and  scanned.

  • • In total, 581 objects were barcoded, scanned and relocated in 2020.

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Active conservation and preservation

Van Daalen Papierrestauratie restored four posters and a photograph of Gerard Adriaan Heineken by Wegener & Mottu. The posters were framed and loaned to the Amsterdam Museum, where they were part of the exhibition ‘Amsterdam, Stad van bier en brouwers’ (Amsterdam, city of beer and brewers). One of the highlights of this loan was ‘Amstel Annie’, a large poster from the 1950s.

100 beer cans from the collection were emptied to minimize the risk of leaking and corrosion. 



In 2019 the Heineken Collection team created a collection plan, which gives direction to our collection management for the next few years. This document is an important step in the professionalization of the ways of working of the HCF. Next to our collection profile and selection criteria for the acquisition of new collection items, it includes cleaning and safety procedures and guidelines for registration and documentation.

In 2020, we have fine-tuned some of the procedures and manuals in the collection plan based on new insights.

"As a company, it’s very important to know where you came from as that defines who you are

The Heritage Quarter reminds us of 
Heineken’s rich history
which gives direction to our future

Keep the ♥ of our company warm!"

Jean-François van Boxmeer - 27 May 2020


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