Chairman's statement

The Heineken Collection Foundation exists to spark connections beyond the barriers of time and place. We do so through expert storytelling and preserving, collecting & sharing compelling and authentic objects connected to Heineken (company, brand & family).

All efforts of the Heineken Collection Foundation are directed at making a valuable contribution to the ambition of HEINEKEN and its brands through a strong portfolio of activities during the year. These include training and development, team storytelling sessions, initiating innovative projects, events in our Heritage Quarter, and publications like ‘It could only be Heineken’. An understanding of HEINEKEN’s fascinating past has proven to be instrumental in creative strategic planning, making use of the more than 120.000 objects illustrating the rich history of the Heineken family, The HEINEKEN Company, and the Heineken® brand.

Early in 2022, we successfully started executing our Strategic Plan 2022-2024 with full support from the Executive Board of Heineken N.V.. With the gradual resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, our projects regained momentum, allowing us to resume their implementation. Notably, the reorganisation of our collection depot reached its completion, whilst we continued to enhance our digital infrastructure and digitising our extensive collection. 

Furthermore, we successfully implemented a more efficient legal structure, optimising our operations. This development has solidified our position within The HEINEKEN Company as an important historical information hub, providing valuable expertise to diverse global stakeholders. As a result, we have strengthened our role and are better positioned to serve a wide range of interested parties worldwide.

The board of the Heineken Collection Foundation would like to thank Mrs. De Carvalho for her continuous encouragement, the Executive Board of Heineken N.V. for its strong support and Mrs. Lieke Westendorp – managing director of the Heineken Experience – for her very close daily involvement and guidance. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the collection manager – Mrs. Demelza van der Maas – and her dedicated team for their commitment, professionalism and boundless enthusiasm in carrying out their activities. Their continued high motivation and dedication have been instrumental in our success.

At the conclusion of 2022, I handed over the chairmanship of the Foundation to Mr. Marc Koster, with full confidence that under his leadership, bringing a fresh perspective, the Heineken Collection Foundation will continue to uphold its mission and vision. Our commitment remains focused on preserving the rich heritage of the company, sharing our knowledge with a global audience, and fostering the art of storytelling. Together, we are poised to advance these objectives and ensure the Foundation's enduring impact.


Maarten H. Rijkens


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