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Dolf van den Brink

CEO & Chairman of the Board, 2020 - present


"I am convinced that I wouldn't be sitting in this seat, having this conversation with you, if it wasn't for my four years in Kinshasa.."

  • 1998 Management trainee
  • 1999 Various roles in Vrumona and global Commerce
  • 2005 Commercial Director - Bralima, Congo
  • 2009 Managing Director - HEINEKEN USA
  • 2015 Managing Director - HEINEKEN Mexico
  • 2018 Regional President - Asia Pacific
  • 2020 CEO & Chairman of the Board

Gé van Schaik

Chairman of the Board, 1989 - 1993


"... my personal conviction is that if we hadn't had Van Munching, we would never have had the premium brand Heineken®."

  • 1959 Assistant Export Manager Near - and Far East and the military forces
  • 1962 Corporate Secretary Heineken Ltd. London
  • 1966 Sales Lead Out of Home
  • 1969 Manager Aquisitions and Controller Commerce - HEINEKEN Netherlands
  • 1970 Sales & Distributions Director - HEINEKEN Netherlands
  • 1974 Member of the Executive Board
  • 1985 Vice Chairman of the Board
  • 1989 Chairman of the Board

Two iconic leaders of The HEINEKEN Company meet and talk about their careers. How and when did they start, what got them to where they are now? 

Click on the image below to listen to their candid conversation as if you were a fly on the wall. Where giants become human.


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